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Best Electric Paddle Board Pump (2019 Reviews)

We get to test a lot of electric paddle board pumps, and the following three iSUP pumps are our top-rated options for this season:

1. Scoprega Bravo GE 2
2. NIXY 12V DC iSUP Pump
3. Seamax SUP20D

In terms of performance, Scoprega's newly updated Bravo GE 2 electric air pump is an absolute beast. The Bravo GE2 delivered the best inflation times to both 15 psi and 20 psi in our head-to-head match ups, with Seamax's SUP20D coming in at a distant second. NIXY was the slowest electric SUP pump in our shootout, but only marginally slower than the Seamax.

The Scoprega Bravo GE 2 is approximately three times heavier than the NIXY and Seamax pumps, but it's also the only one with a built-in battery which is amazing when it comes to versatility and convenience. With the GE 2, you can inflate your iSUP boards anywhere and aren't limited to powering your pump with a vehicle battery or cigarette lighter.

Of course, the Bravo GE 2's performance and built-in battery come at a cost, with this pump being the most expensive of the three. We feel the added cost is worthwhile for the right paddler, and it's also important to keep in mind that the GE 2 is made in Italy vs. China.

In terms of warranty coverage, the NIXY and Scoprega come with a 1-year warranty while the Seamax includes a 2-year warranty.

While Scoprega's GE 2 is the most expensive, the NIXY comes in second and the Seamax SUP20D is the most affordable.