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With two production plants, one in Italy and one in China, respectively of 6,500 m2 and 13,500 m2, Scoprega is able to cover an annual production of:

1,000,000 hand/foot pumps
300,000 oars and paddles
4,000,000 valves
100,000 electric pumps

Production is mainly carried out in the Chinese plant, while both in China and in Italy the products are assembled. Italy plays a fundamental role in research and development, while in China the technical department deals with the customization of products for customers.

In China, Ningbo Bravo has a vertical production facility, inside which the injection molding of plastic materials and the assembly of the final product (valves, pumps, paddles, accessories, etc ...) are carried out. The Chinese subsidiary designs, develops and manufactures OEM: valves, hand / foot inflators, electric inflators, paddles and accessories for boating for the Chinese and Asian market with its own brand Bravo. In addition, it builds customized inflators for large American and European groups operating in the nautical sector.
In recent years Ningbo Bravo has designed and introduced automatic and semi-automatic assembly lines, as well as having developed assembly centers and introduced automatic vision systems for quality control.

All mechanical and electronic products/components and motors are produced externally on the basis of the project and the technical specifications of the Scoprega Group.

Upon receipt of raw materials and components, the incoming Quality Control verifies that the defined parameters are respected by the ISO 9000 procedures and by the Quality Control System.

For the most important products, the Scoprega Group develops patents to guarantee intellectual property. To date, it boasts over 65 patents which are intended to defend the novelty of a product and also the utility model, or the way in which the product is made.

Our plant in Cassano D'Adda is located here:

Scoprega S.p.A.
Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 63
Cassano d'Adda, MI, 20062 Italy
Phone +39 0363 64240

Our plant in Ningbo is located here:

Building 20, No. 300, Yinhai Road, Hongtang Town, Jiangbei District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, PRC
Phone +86 574 56869875
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