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Hand pump for sea inflatables. SUPs and dinghies: what to choose

Inflating accessories, such as SUP and inflatables, to enjoy leisure time at the seacan prove to be a tiring action, more than you might think.
You could be exhausted even before starting your exploration or funny activities, not to mention the impracticality of inflating some objects using only the foot pump.
Using a hand pump keeps you safe from these risks with an absolutely affordable investment.

Better a foot inflator or a hand air pump?

The foot inflator is certainly the cheapest device in its simplest versions, often used on the beach to inflate mattresses or beach games: the advantages are the price, the small footprint and ease of transport, but at the same time, the entry level versions, which are found commercially in retail stores, offer low inflation pressures and reduced flow.

In the most complete versions, the foot inflator offers the possibility of reaching higher pressures, using a double chamber system that uses the pressure of the foot to channel air even at the time of release, thanks to a soft nylon bellows that acts as a plunger.

In the most equipped and better-quality models, such as the GP 10, for example, you can also reach 800 mbar of pressure, which allow you to inflate and deflate even a small inflatable boat with a bit of physical effort on the legs and back.

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Meglio un gonfiatore a piede o una pompa aria a mano?

Hand pump: minimize inflation time!

Also simple to use and affordable prices, the hand pump is ideal for any type of inflatable: dinghies, tender, Sup, kayak and even kite.

In this case it is a double flow pump, able to inflate and deflate both when you push the plunger down and when you pull up, thus reducing the time of inflation and physical fatigue.

The hand pump is a device absolutely indispensable if you are a lover and assiduous frequenter of water, both the sea in summer or maybe even the lake in spring, because it allows you to operate quickly and without great effort, in times much more reduced than a foot inflator

As for the latter, hand pumps also have different models with different characteristics and, of course, different price ranges. The latest models, for example, in addition to having more ergonomic shapes to facilitate its use and be made of more durable, lightweight and sustainable materials, allow you to get over 1 bar of pressure, automatically switching from double flow to single flow at certain pressure levels.

Even for hand pumps, a little physical fatigue must be taken in consideration, not only during inflation but also during deflation at the end of the day.

For more information you can see this video we compare the main products on the market
> https://www.scoprega.it/en/media.2/video/the-big-pump-test-2019-bravo-red-paddle-co-and-gri/

Pompa a mano: diminuisci il tempo di gonfiaggio!

The quality of the hand pump Made in Italy

As mentioned above, the quality of the materials and technological solutions used are nowadays the real guarantee of longevity and functionality of a product such as the hand air pump.

At Scoprega we have dedicated time and resources to the improvement of these two aspects, adding further technical measures such as the integrated manometer, the inflation outlet installed on the pump body to hold the hose during use, or the integrated protective filter.

To this, we add for each individual product, regardless of the price and the level of the product itself, a kit of inflation fittings for all the most common valves, for an experience that prioritizes fun to the fatigue of inflation.

Discover all our hand pumps > https://www.scoprega.it/en/products/inflators/hand-pumps/