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  • GE 3600 - Electric pump

GE 3600 - Electric pump

Code: GE7S0007


The GE 3600 has been designed for those applications which requires a huge air volume in a few time.
Thanks to 4.400 l/min as max air flow, The GE 3600 is the ideal inflator for sail wings, big tents and huge inflatable structures, reaching 350 mbar as maximum pressure.
With its IP65 protection degree external case, the GE 3600 can be used outside even in adverse weather conditions
Furthermore, it features:
- Automatic refilling system without any further connection
- Automatic stop once the pre-set pressure is reached
- Manageable via display board or optionally via Web server
According to customer needs, the inflation hose of the necessary length can be supplied separately.

Air flow: 4400 l/min
Max pressure.: 350 mbar
Voltage: 230 Vac (50 Hz)
Max current: 20 A
Functions: Inflate/Deflate
Dimensions: 70 x 25 x 35 cm
Weight: 16 kg
Protection degree: IP65
Suitable for: Sail wings, tents and big inflatable structure