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  • GE 25-1 RC 230V - Electric pump
  • GE 25-1 RC 230V - Electric pump

GE 25-1 RC 230V - Electric pump

Code: GE3S0010


The GE 25-1 RC is a remotely manageable version of the GE 25, ideal for installation on any boat.
Thanks to the touch-screen control panel, any inflatable on the boat can be inflated quickly and easily.
The performance of this new version is extraordinary, especially in terms of the variety of objects that can be inflated/deflated: fenders, SUPs, mattresses, etc.. It can deliver up to 550 l/min at free port, by reaching 1.5 bar (22 psi) of maximum pressure.
The hose (1.5 m, from the control panel) is equipped with several fittings, suitable for the most common valves in the market. The pumping unit, installed in the boat's compartment, is connected to the control panel via signal cable. The inflation and deflation hoses to connect the pump unit to the remote control are not included in the supply, but they can be provided on request.

Max Pressure: l ,5 bar (22,0 psi)
Max Air Flow: 550 1/m - 250 1/m
Voltage: 230 Vac 50 hz
Max Current: 3 A
Function: lnflate and deflate
Application: Sup, platform, kites, kayak, fenders & small boats
Additional features: Remote control panel - Touchscreen display - Automatic stop - Two stage pump - Wi-Fi connection (optional)