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  • VA NX Grey - inflation valve

VA NX Grey - inflation valve

Code: VG1S0000


VA NX is smaller than other valves currently available on the market.
The valve body can be replaced regardless of the inflatable to which it is applied.
It’s available in various colors and it’s be possible to customize the logo on the cap. Together with the standard version it will also be possible to order the version with mesh, VA NX-M.

- Adaptable valve, suitable both for low and high pressure.
- CAP customizable on request.
- PUSH-PUSH principle opening.
- Valve wrench part number: RH0S0023

1. Hole required for valve installation D36 +/-0.5 mm
2. Tighteninng torque = 20-25 Nm
The valve assemply should be-retorqued after at least 12 hours
3. It is a users responsibility to ensure that any fluid used during the installation or operation are compatible with this valve