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  • GM NX - hand pump

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GM NX - hand pump

Code: K6121100


The GM NX and GM NXS represent a new generation of environmentally friendly hand pumps suitable for all types of inflatable products. The exclusive design guarantees high efficiency and ease of use.
The new body in 75% recycled aluminum (CIRCAL®) guarantees greater resistance to shocks and increases its reliability, reducing the use of plastic by more than 70%.
The main features are:
• Double / single flow manual switching, to minimize inflating effort
• Ergonomic handle with integrated air filter
• Inflation port on the pump body (anti-kinking tube)
• Integrated pressure gauge

Capacity: 2 x 2000 cc
Max Pressure: 2 bar (29 psi)
Inflate mode: Double or Single action
Function mode: Inflate/Deflate
Dimensions: 14 x 30 x 65 cm
Suitable for: SUP  BOARDS