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Scoprega draws up the first Sustainability Report

Scoprega has always been characterized by transparency towards all its partners.

All our activities are guided by this essential principle, the result of which has been summarized in a document such as the Sustainability Report, which has been drawn up for the first time this year, on a voluntary basis, and which will be published annually.

Scoprega is a reality that has incorporated the concept of sustainability from its very first activities through a careful selection of raw materials and the design of products with the aim of minimizing waste right from the feasibility study.

Scoprega fully adheres to the definition of Sustainability developed by the UCLA Sustainability Committee, i.e. the integration of environmental health, social equity and economic vitality in order to create resilient, diverse and healthy communities for the current generation and generations to come.
Scoprega operations must recognize that these elements are interconnected and require a systematic approach and recognition of their complexity.
We are aware that resources are finite and must be used conservatively with a long-term perspective and keeping in mind the consequences in the way these resources are used.

Scoprega strategy is evolving, through the quest to reduce the resources consumed, and consequently its footprint, while maintaining constant turnover volumes. This means that the people of Scoprega have to work with the objective of becoming more efficient in the study of products in terms of reducing the use of materials, reducing the consumption of energy and other natural resources (including water), and having a decentralized production set-up so as to increasingly reduce the energy spent in transport and logistics.

In particular, Scoprega works assiduously in the search for alternative and recycled materials and aims for ever better performance in terms of energy efficiency, using different architectures at the production level, while becoming energy self-sufficient through self-production of energy.
At the production level, it is necessary to rethink the production model: moving from a production based on rigid and concentrated systems to an organization where 3D printing prevails, a process in which Scoprega is currently engaged, will allow only the necessary material to be used and will give the possibility to recycle waste material. Consequently, energy consumption would also benefit: apart from the energy required for the use of the 3D printers, there would be no involvement of other significant inputs, typical of traditional industrial production.

A further focus on which Scoprega is currently engaged, hand in hand with production efficiency, is the improvement of the environmental conditions and professional satisfaction of employees, through the development of an increasingly rewarding system for the multiculturalism and multi-disciplinarity of each of the actors involved.


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