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Cycling to work is 3 times good!

The new initiative of Scoprega S.p.A. starts from today 4 May 2021 to encourage the use of bicycles as a means of transport to reach your workplace.
In fact, all employees who use the two wheels (both standard and pedal assisted bikes) will be rewarded with € 2 per day!
The initiative, valid until August 13, tends to:
1. Raise people's awareness of the problem of energy saving and air pollution, issues so dear to the management.
2. stimulate the employee to practice physical activity.
3. and finally, allow you to increase your salary with an economic incentive for the next 15 weeks

Employees with a self-certified form will declare the dates they used the two wheels to get to work and hand it over to Human Resources managers.
This is yet another sign of how much the Scoprega management cares about the environment and the health of all.
After introducing free water dispensers into the company and providing its employees with reusable thermal bottles, the Management now proposes, as already happened in 2019, a prize that tends to discourage the use of private vehicles, promoting the use of bicycles, in line with its corporate vision: always look to the future with the utmost respect for the environment.
In addition, again from a "green" perspective, from now on, the use of a charging station will be allowed in the company car park for all owners of electric cars or scooters.

"We did not inherit the Earth we live on from our fathers, we borrowed it from our children."